Terms & Conditions


NATIONAL ACCREDITATION SERVICE FOR CERTIFYING BODIES (hereinafter  called  NACS),  require  their registered certifying bodies to comply with the NACS contract, memorandum of understanding, operating procedures and their own assessment and certifying management system. Certifying Bodies shall supply such reasonable evidence of compliance as is deemed necessary by NACS from time to time. Failure to submit satisfactory evidence may  lead  to  accreditation services, including  visits, which will be charged at the current rate. Unless defined elsewhere in correspondence between NACS and the certifying body the current rate is two euros and seventy- five cents a minute and a standard day is two hundred and twenty-five minutes. A certifying body is the term given to, or the definition of, an organisation or individual undertaking audit, assessment and certification services.


A Certifying Body and its clients or registrants may apply the NACS logo  and  certificates  only  in  respect  of  their  areas assessed and registered, and  to  bring  to  the  attention of customers, when reasonable and  appropriate, any areas of business for which it has not been registered or assessed and it  is  required  that  the  certifying   body  ensure supplier compliance to this effect. Use of the NACS logo is allowed only following payment to NACS by the registered certifying body and for the duration of the period  covered by the registration fees. Registered certifying bodies are liable for the registration fee due in respect of every certificate they issue under the auspices of NACS or  bearing the NACS logo. This liability may be offset in the event of certificated registrants or clients paying the fee. Use of any other logo in respect of NACS is not authorised and is outside the scope of NACS jurisdiction. Copyright and all other intellectual property rights deriving from our work and work performed and delivered and claimed by the registered certifying body as falling within the jurisdiction of NACS accreditation services remains with NACS unless otherwise agreed with us in writing.


Any notice under these Terms and Conditions or requirement of the quality management system of NACS  or  the contracts between NACS. and its registered certifying bodies shall be in writing and signed by or on behalf of the party giving it and may be  served  by  leaving  it  or  sending  it by prepaid recorded delivery or registered post. Any notice served by post shall be deemed to have been served seventy- two hours from the time of posting or if outside of the European Union, ten days from the date of posting. In proving such service, it shall be sufficient to prove that the notice was properly addressed and was posted.


NACS will withdraw the certificate  which  is  at  all  times  the property of NACS and the use of its logo from any certifying body who does not comply with these Terms and Conditions.

The certifying body upon notification of the termination of accreditation services shall immediately discontinue use  of the NACS accreditation services logo and all advertising matter which contains them or any reference thereto. In addition, any other documents in the possession of the certifying body which bear reference to NACS shall if NACS so desire it be so treated as to erase it.


NACS supply accreditation services that are the opinion of NACS. Such services extend to the obtaining of evidence of clients’ and their registrants’ ability to meet NACS criteria for registration. Such opinion is applicable only to the issue of certificates by the  certifying  body  that  have  been  advised  to NACS and unless stated to the contrary NACS listings, statements and certificates signify that in the opinion of NACS and its servants the certifying body who is the  subject  of  accreditation  services registration has demonstrated an acknowledgement of the benefits and desirability of being registered with regard to the scope of activities  and  standards specified on the certificate. In issuing documents NACS is confirming registration of the certifying body and its registrants in the NACS or  other nominated lists of certifying bodies and organisations. Certifying bodies are advised that such  listing  does  not  guarantee public visibility of such listing but that listing may be verified by the certifying body or registrant directly with the relevant registrar, and are further advised that full compliance with any standard referenced in the scope of certificates is not certificated as certain factors such as the sample nature of assessments and the compliance by the certifying body with their own procedures at times when NACS are  not present and other matters is beyond the control of NACS. Certifying bodies are advised that the  opinion of any other organisation or individual with regard to compliance with any standard that  may  be quoted in  the scope of certificates or the inference of the term “accreditation” may be different to that of NACS and its servants but nonetheless compliance is not the subject of the certificate.


Certifying  Bodies  and  their  clients  are  advised  to take expert advice when engaging  accreditation services. The authority vested in NACS is that assigned to them  by  the  organisation  in  respect  of the  accreditation  services  contracted  and  no   claim as to statutory, legislative, authority,  prominence  or right given by any other party unless specified by NACS is claimed. Certifying Bodies are instructed to avoid saying, implying or causing to be inferred that,  under the auspices of NACS registration  they  act  with the support, approval or licence of any EU government or any other statutory or government office of any nation, commission or state.


These conditions and the activities of NACS are subject to the laws of Estonia. NACS shall not be liable retrospectively   for   consequences,   costs   or  damages arising from changes or introduction of such laws or statutory government instruments which may subsequently invalidate NACS activities.


NACS require their registered  certifying  bodies  to  pay non-refundable fees in  advance  or  by  an approved alternative method defined in writing, to maintain their registration and that of their certificated firms. Receipts for payment are issued only upon request.